Reports and Publications

Reports and Publications

The research and monitoring programs we do are an important aspect of AWT’s work. The results of which provide us a better understanding of our wildlife and the impact we may have on it. It helps guide our conservation management plans and decision-making so we can ameliorate or mitigate any negative effects, maintain biodiversity and protect the natural environment.

The publications listed below include scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals as well as technical and internal reports. Please note the annual reports for the island’s nature reserves and RAMSAR site, including the five-year strategy and annual action plans can be found via the Reserves page of the website AWT reserves

Scientific Papers

Acoustic surveys of Water Rail Rallus aquaticus over-wintering on Alderney

Alderney’s Northern Gannet Morus bassanus population; Counts on Les Etacs and Ortac

Predicting the impacts of wind farms on seabirds: An individual‐based model

The seabird wreck in the Bay of Biscay and Southwest proaches in 2014: A review of reported mortality.

Changes in behaviour drive inter-annual variability in the at-sea distribution of northern gannets.

Predictive Modelling to Identify Near-Shore, Fine-Scale Seabird Distributions during the Breeding Season

Survival estimates of Northern gannets Morus bassanus in Alderney: Big data but low confidence

Time-in-area represents foraging activity in a wide-ranging pelagic forager.

Is an increase in gull numbers responsible for limiting Atlantic Puffin Fratercula arctica numbers on Burhou, Channel Islands?

Technical and Internal Reports:

Informing Marine Spatial Planning by Tracking Seabirds: Alderney’s Gannets.

Habitat preferences of Dartford Warbler on Alderney.

Summer Bat Survey 2019

Winter Bat Activity 2019

Butterfly Transects 2019

Dragonfly and Damselfly Surveys 2019

Eelgrass Discovery Project 2019

Phase 1 Survey of Reserves 2019

Reedbed Monitoring

Slow Worm Survey 2019

Dartford Warbler Census 2019

The demography of Swallows nesting on Alderney 2017-2019