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Volunteers are the lifeblood of Alderney’s close-knit society.  Volunteers not only sustain a wealth of clubs and societies on the island, but by volunteering with organisations such as the AWT you can provide an integral community service and help us achieve our goal of protecting the island's wildlife for the future. 

In 2019 more than 14,000 volunteer hours were donated by residents and visitors to the island through the AWT.  This donation of time and effort is of immense value and helps us do everything from keeping the Wildlife Information Centre open to clearing paths, undertaking vital scientific research and even helping with wildlife rescue. It is the partnership between volunteers and staff which allows the AWT to accomplish so much with so little. 

Volunteers bring a crucial variety of skills, expertise and experience, not to mention enthusiasm, to an organisation which has only limited financial resources. Volunteering hours are flexible and vary widely.  We have volunteers who work with us on a weekly, and sometimes even daily basis, volunteers who assist with specific events and activities, and others who join us once a year on their holidays, and it is always great to see them back.  

There are many areas where help and support would be of huge benefit to the AWT so whatever your level of skill or experience, if you think you can help - or have some idea -  we have a place for you in our dedicated team of volunteers!

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