Invertebrates on Alderney

Invertebrates often go unnoticed and are overlooked in favour of more obvious groups of flora and fauna for study. But invertebrates are incredibly diverse and amazingly well adapted to their environments. We are looking to record more of these species to get a better picture of invertebrate life on the island - if you think you could help please get in touch. 

Butterflies and moths are some of the most studied groups of species in Alderney. As the island is positioned in the Channel, closer to continental Europe than to the UK, our range of species can be quite different to that on mainland UK - especially true for moths and butterflies. Alderney has a number of species that the UK only receive on rare occasions. Besides these rarities Alderney is also home to a vast number of more common, but still very interesting, species.

Please see the complete species list for butterflies on Alderey below.

Butterfly Species List

This data is available for all but we would be very interested to see the output if you plan on using our species lists.

If you are interested in seeing Alderney's moths for yourself the AWT run moth traps weekly from April-October. Get in touch to find out when and where.