Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Current Permanent Staff

The majority of the AWT's staff work on a voluntary basis, with only one paid team member. All our staff are skilled in their field and work for the AWT either full-time or part-time but most do so at their own cost and give a huge amount to help support Alderney's wildlife and the island. 

Roland Gauvain - CEO

Roland Gauvain

Roland moved from his position as Conservation Officer for the States of Alderney (the island’s local government) to become the AWT's Manager at its inception in 2002. A graduate of Stirling University, his interests lie across a wide range of conservation and ecological subjects, although he has a passion for  Alderney’s cultural landscape. 

Responsibilities: Overall responsibility to the AWT’s Directors / Development of Conservation Objectives / Management of AWT sites / Staff Manager / Marine Operations / Manager of the AWT's Consultancy (AWTE) 

Lindsay Pyne - Management Team Member

Lindsay Pyne

Lindsay was born and grew up only 35miles from Alderney on the island of Jersey.  She moved from there to London where she developed a career in banking administration, before returning to the Channel Islands and becoming a full time Alderney resident in 2002.  She became one of the AWT's first Conservation Volunteers that same year and was elected its Hon. Secretary in 2005. 

Lindsay is involved in many aspects of the AWT’s day-to-day running, both in the office (including membership, treasury and the shop), and out in the field where she assists with the Conservation Volunteers and is involved in terrestrial survey work, primarily for flora (she is a keen amateur botanist) and for the Butterfly Monitoring Scheme. 

Responsibilities: office administration and accounting / Hon. Secretary / Membership management / Conservation Team support / Botanical survey / UKBMS.

Dr. Mel Broadhurst-Allen - Living Seas Coordinator

Dr. Mel Broadhurst

Mel graduated with a BSc in Coastal Marine Biology in 2003 from Hull University and an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation in 2005 from Edinburgh, Napier University. Mel moved to Alderney in 2007, working as the Trust’s ecologist until mid-2008 when she began a PhD with Imperial College London. The PhD examined the influence of marine tidal energy development upon the marine environment, for which was based on Alderney and the Orkney Isles. Her current research interests focus on how marine species interact with natural and anthropogenic pressures and how to quantitatively record mobile species’ behaviour within the marine environment. In between academic life, Mel has worked on a range of marine ecological projects and academic field courses across different tropical and temperate locations, including Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, France, Scotland and Lancashire.

As the trust’s Living Seas Coordinator, Mel is responsible for delivering the Trust’s Living Seas programme, which comprised implementing marine research and surveys with key groups and universities. This includes engagement activities with local and UK government, other bodies and the public on marine issues (i.e. MPAs, renewables, fisheries and recording marine life). Mel is also responsible for the ecological works associated with the Trust’s consultancy firm, Alderney Wildlife Trust Enterprises Ltd.

Responsibilities: implementing the AWT Living Seas programme/ public awareness of marine activities / AWT ecological consultancy work-streams/ Ramsar support/ Terrestrial Ecologist and ARC support.

Justin Hart - Avian Ecologist

Justin Hart leading a Dawn Chorus Walk

Justin brings a broad range of skills and knowledge to his role within the trust. His experience working with wildlife spans more than 30 years and includes academic research, practical conservation work as well as eco-tourism. In 1989 he graduated from Southampton University with a degree in geology and initially sought work in the mining industry in both Zimbabwe and Australia before returning to the UK to pursue a more ethical career in conservation.

On his return he attended agricultural college to study practical habitat management and began training to ring birds. In 1993 he got a job as a field technician with a government agency where he stayed for a further 17 years eventually leaving a fully qualified bird ringer with experience in surveying and tracking a wide variety of birds and mammals as well as a masters degree in behavioural ecology from Manchester University and several peer-reviewed articles under his belt. Over the same period he also discovered scuba diving and fell in love with the sea. In his free time he acquired various diving and boat handling qualifications and used these to open new doors into the marine sector and eco-tourism. Leaving the UK in 2010 he set up home in the Azores to work as a whale watching and dive guide. There he led dives around the coast of Pico island as well as offshore with sharks and mobula rays. He also undertook seabird studies with the local university. Then in 2016 he returned to the UK to work as a residential volunteer with the RSPB before taking on the role of assistant warden with the AWT's new bird observatory project in 2017. Here he helped the observatory gain its accreditation from the Bird Observatories Council but decided to stay with the Trust when the observatory became a private entity in 2019.

Since then he has continued to provide the Trust with science based evidence to support its conservation goals, as well as practical assistance, advice and advocacy. Your most likely to see him outside surveying, if you're up early in the morning, or perhaps on a boat trip to Burhou and Les Etacs, where he seems most happy - on the sea and among the birds he loves.

Current Placement Staff

These voluntary placements last 9 months to a year - please get in touch if you are interested in any of these roles in the future.

Conservation Officer

In charge of reserve management and footpaths including writing regular plans for the sites

Ramsar Officer

Writes annual action plans for the Ramsar site, guide on seabird boat trips


Runs the wildlife survey programme on the reserves in support of the Living Landscapes Team

Outreach Officer

Leads on education, literature and communications