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Volunteer in our shop

Our volunteering roles are not all outdoors! Manning the Wildlife Information Centre is another important one.  This is where we can provide the general public, both residents and visitors, with information about the island in general, and its wildlife in particular, and if this information is imparted with knowledge and enthusiasm it can have a hugely positive effect.  The Centre is also a base for promoting our many wildlife fundraising activities such as walks and tours, boat trips, annual wildlife events (e.g. Wildlife Week and Wildlife Festival) and educational activities.  It also contains the Wildlife Shop which is a vital source of funds, contributing to the premises’ overheads and our administration expenses. 

Help with fundraising events (Jumble Sales, Flag Days, Table Sales etc.) is another vital need as such activities provide a good percentage of our unrestricted funds. 

There are many other areas where help and support would be of huge benefit to the AWT so whatever your level of skill or experience, if you think you can help - or have some idea -  we have a place for you in our dedicated team of volunteers!

Please get in touch if you would be interested in volunteering a morning or afternoon a week in the AWT Wildlife Centre and Shop. 

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