Creating a Wilder Future for our wildlife

Nature is in decline across the British Isles, which is why the Wildlife Trusts are calling for a Wilder Future to reverse these trends and put our wildlife into recovery.

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, with one in seven species facing extinction and over half in decline. This is pretty shocking for a country that prides itself for being a nation of walkers, bird watchers, gardeners and amateur naturalists. These figures even include iconic and well-loved species such as barn owls, hedgehogs and frogs, all of which have drastically declined. Here in Alderney the long term data sets used to spot these UK trends are not available, but we know that many of the island’s seabirds in particular (which have the best data sets) are reducing in numbers.

Among the causes of these declines are climate change (a driver for numerous of the other threats), pollution, habitat destruction or loss, invasive species and farming (particularly where insects are concerned).

This is why the Wildlife Trusts across the British Isles are calling on you to commit to a Wilder Future, helping to put nature in recovery rather than continue its perpetual decline. Any action, however small, can help wildlife in your local area. Sign up and receive ideas on making space for nature in your local patch as well as other actions you can take to ensure we all have a Wilder Future ahead.