Alderney Community Woodland (ACW)

Alderney Community WoodlandAderney Community Woodland

The ACW is the result of many thousand of years of human activity on the island. Historic features, built heritage and a variety of habitats and wildlife come together in its 17 hectare area to create a unique and diverse landscape. By forming the ACW 2% of Alderney's area has been planted with native broadleaf trees.

What is ACW?

It is a focal point for local community and wildlife, which offers a new perspective on island life through Alderney’s cultural and environmental heritage.

The ACW is situated on States of Alderney land, and is currently managed by the AWT in partnership with two tenants and a number of closely involved groups, societies and businesses.    

What is the ACW vision?

Our aim is to create a large and centralised woodland habitat with native broadleaved trees rich in wildlife, sustainably managed for the benefit of the local community and providing educational and recreational facilities. We hope also to keep traditional woodland skills (such as greenwood turning) alive and produce good quality greenwood products from the site.

What happens at ACW?

In the ACW everyone is welcome. Local residents and visitors can walk around, enjoy the woodland and wildlife and visit the archaeological features and cultural heritage. At the same time, the ACW provides educational facilities for schools, clubs and associations, as well as having great amenity value for a wide range of user groups. The main Woodland Bunker is also a classroom and meeting space available on request by any community group.

Regular events to promote woodland culture and training sessions to sustain traditional knowledge, including greenwood working and traditional masonry training, take place in the ACW as well.

ACW management to date

In 2009 the Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT), working closely with the States of Alderney, initiated the ACW project. This was done in collaboration with more than 20 stakeholders and with the support of many local groups and hundreds of volunteers. The ACW was formally established in 2011 with the publication of the ACW Development Plan for the period 2011-2014.

The main achievements to date are:

  • Between 2010 and 2013 Woodland cover on the ACW has been doubled through the planting of over 10,000 native deciduous trees and shrubs such as oak, birch, hazel, ash and blackthorn among others.
  • Heritage sites have, and continue to be, restored and refurbished to allow safe access, and also to provide a valuable educational resource where possible.
  • The network of paths has been extended and almost doubled, with new paths being opened allowing a fuller enjoyment of the site and its unusual history and topography.
  • The site has been opened to a wide range of events and recreational activities and is becoming an increasingly important focal point of the island,culminating in woodland week in November.

What does the future hold? ACW Management Plan.

The ACW Management Plan aims to continue the work started over the last 4 years, updating the background information for the site and providing the focus and direction of management of the site for the next five year period.

The ACW is managed with three core aims:

  1. To create a native broadleaved woodland of high ecological and landscape value, rich in wildlife and accessible to the Community.
  2. To develop the educational and recreational value of the ACW through the provision of facilities and opportunities that promote a greater understanding and enjoyment of the natural and cultural wealth of Alderney.
  3. To involve the island's Community in the ACW promoting woodland culture and recovering traditional skills, whilst at the same time increasing the socio-economic value of the woodland as a source of sustainable material for the future. 

How can I learn more?

Over 500 people and 20 organisations have been instrumental in the founding of the ACW. We welcome any interest in the project you might have, whether to simply learn a little more or, we can always hope, get involved yourselves.


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