Greater Broomrape

Greater Broomrape - Lindsay PyneGreater Broomrape - Lindsay Pyne

Latin name: Orobanche rapum-genistae

Broomrapes have no chlorophyll and are totally dependent on other plants for nutrients.  Some species, such as Ivy Broomrape and Yarrow Broomrape, are only able to live on (parasitize) plant species after which they are named, whilst others can live on a variety of other plants. Greater Broomrape, which can grow to more than 30cm, feeds on broom or gorse and on Alderney its brownish-yellow flower spikes can be seen all over the southern cliffs where it grows on the Prostrate Broom. 

Status in Alderney: Very Locally Common

Status in UK: Nationally Scarce

Status Worldwide (IUCN Red List): Near Threatened