Long-tailed Blue Butterfly

Long-tailed Blue Butterfly - David WeddLong-tailed Blue Butterfly - David Wedd

Latin name: Lampides boeticus

This beautiful purplish- blue butterfly has a pair of “tails” (which give the species its name), together with an eye spot where the tails meet the wings and white and pale brown stripes on the underside of the wings. It is a very rare migrant to the British Isles, with most records coming from the south of England and the Channel Islands. On the continent it is continuously-brooded but is unable to survive the British winters. The adult butterfly, which migrates from the south of Europe, can be seen quite often in Alderney, usually at Everlasting Pea sites such as the Scramble Tracks and the Jubilee Garden. However, although there have been many searches, the larvae have never been found.

UK BAP Status: Not applicable

Butterfly Conservation priority: Not applicable

European status: Awaiting data

Status in Alderney: Rare