Guernsey Underwing Moth

Guernsey Underwing MothGuernsey Underwing Moth

Latin name: Polyphaenis sericata

Forewing length: 17-20mm.

This beautiful moth has not yet reached the UK and it was first recorded in Guernsey in the 1870's but then not again until 1986. It occurs sparingly in Jersey and Alderney, but is most common in the Petit Bot area of Guernsey. In Alderney we have reared the species from the egg and we believe this is the only time this has been achieved in the British Isles. If you have managed it yourselves, or know someone who has, please let us know! It occurs in overgrown coastal areas, where honeysuckle, the larval foodplant, grows through brambles and bracken. In Alderney, Clonque Bay is the main site, flying between June and early August.

Identifying feature: The bright green forewings and orange hind wings make this species unmistakeable, whilst the white cross-lines and black kidney marks can vary in conspicuousness.