Convolvulus Hawkmoth

Convolvulus Hawkmoth and Silver Y Moth - Lindsay PyneConvolvulus Hawkmoth and Silver Y Moth - Lindsay Pyne

Latin name: Agrius convolvuli

A Silver Y Moth (Autographa gamma) is also in the picture below the Convolvulus Hawkmoth.

Forewing length: 50-55mm.

An immigrant species the Convolvulus is recorded annually on the south and east counties of England but only occasionally in large numbers. It arrives in the Channel Islands from Africa in varying numbers each year, usually in the autumn. It breeds here occasionally, but does not often survive the winter. During 2013 we have seen nearly 30 in Alderney, many to light traps but also at rest on walls, window-frames and even washing lines, or hovering at dusk over flowers, when the sound of its wings is quite audible. It has a long flight season from June to December but is more frequent between late August and late November. It is non-specific in habitat choice and will visit gardens.

Identifying feature: An extremely large moth. It is typically an ash-grey colour with variable marbled effects. Forewings have extensive streaks across them with the males having heavy markings of blackish streaks and bands in aprticular.