Grey Seal

Grey SealGrey Seal - Sandy Robertson

Latin name: Halichoerus grypus

Grey Seals can be spotted along coastlines on both sides of the North Atlantic. It can be distinguised from a Common Seal (Phoca vitulina) by the flat profile to its head and its longer, broader snout. The males can weigh 170-310kg and measure up to 3.3m long, whereas the females are smaller at 100-190kg and measure up to 2.5m long.

Grey Seals are most commonly seen when resting on land during the day, particularly at low tide. They can also be spotted in the water when they come to the surface to feed, rest and breed. They can be commonly spotted around Alderney, particularly in the waters around Burhou and the north-east of Alderney.

Grey Seals are a least concern species on the IUCN red list and the population is increasing around the British Isles. As such we are keenly monitoring all sightings of Grey Seals around Alderney.

If you spot a marine mammal, please let us know. Either download the attached form, complete and send to the AWT office, or just email your sighting details to


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