Glanville Fritillary Butterfly

Glanville Fritillary ButterflyGlanville Fritillary Butterfly

Latin name: Melitaea cinxia

The Glanville Fritillary favours habitat where the topsoil is regularly disturbed allowing its larval foodplant (ribwort plantain) and nectar sources (dandelion, hawkweeds, bird's-foot trefoil and thrift) to flourish. For this reason, it is most likely to be encountered on cliff sides on sunny days and forms small discrete colonies, with little contact between them. It is perhaps more common in Alderney than anywhere else in the British Isles, but it is a vulnerable species, liable to sudden arrivals and disappearances. In Guernsey it is making a comeback, but it has disappeared completely from Jersey in the past decade.

Listed as a Section 41 species of principal importance under the NERC Act in England

UK BAP status: Priority Species

Butterfly Conservation priority: High             

European Status: Not threatened       

Protected in Great Britain for sale only