Snakelocks Anemone

Snakelocks Anemone - Mel BroadhurstSnakelocks Anemone - Mel Broadhurst

Latin name: Anemonia viridis

This distinctive anemone species comprises of approximately 200 long, irregular tentacles, which grow to 18 cm. The tentacles show different colourations, from bright purple and green to a uniform grey-brown variation. The column is often obscured by the tentacles. This species reproduces by longitudinal fission and is therefore found in groups.

Habitat: Snakelocks anemones can be found in the lower regions of intertidal rocky-shorelines and sublittoral marine environments. It is frequently found in fast-flowing and exposed marine environments, attached to a variety of substrates.

Status: It is frequently found within the Channel Islands and the South-West regions of the UK.