Seagrass - Mel BroadhurstSeagrass - Mel Broadhurst

Latin name: Zostera spp.

Seagrass species are classified as flowering plants (Angiosperms) and are commonly known as eelgrass. Seagrass species comprise of narrow green leaves with rounded tips, generally resembling terrestrial grasses. They grow from a single rhizome up to 1 metre in length, with the flowers growing along a single short spike.

Habitat: These species are primarily found on sand, mud or gravel substrates within the subtidal and lower intertidal regions of the marine environment. These species can form large beds, frequently called ‘seagrass meadows’ and are therefore commonly regarded as a habitat.

Status: Occasionally found within the Channel Islands, UK and North-West Europe. These species are important as they can support a range of marine life and may also act as a nursery for juvenile fish or crustaceans.