Pink Sea Fan

Pink Sea Fan - Paul NaylorPink Sea Fan - Paul Naylor

Latin name: Eunicella verrucosa

The sea fan species forms a densely branched fan shape, growing to 40 - 100 cm in width. It ranges from pink, white and orange colouration. Each branch is calcified and comprises of small polyps, each with eight tentacles. Branches are orientated towards passing currents for the polyps to catch food particles with their tentacles. It reproduces by asexual budding.

Habitat: This species is found in the subtidal marine environment at depths of 20 metres. It is attached to stable surfaces such as bedrock and boulders. It can occur in groups, forming a sea fan forest.

Status: It is frequently found within the Channel Islands and the South region of the UK. This species is important as it can support a range of marine life including an endemic sea anemone species, Amphianthus dohrnii.