Beadlet Anemone

Beadlet Anemone - Mel BroadhurstBeadlet Anemone - Mel Broadhurst

Latin name: Actinia equina

This anemone species grows to 7 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height. The species is a uniform deep red colour but also shows green, brown and orange colour variations. It has a smooth column with up to 190 tentacles that are arranged into 6 circles. Once opened a number of bright blue warts can be seen on the inside of the column. This species reproduces viviparously, where young individuals are born from the anemone’s mouth.

Habitat: This species can be found in a variety of marine environments, from the upper regions of intertidal rocky-shorelines to the shallow sublittoral marine environments. Individuals can be found attached to substrates such as boulders, pebbles and man-made structures such as concrete breakwaters.

Status: It is commonly found within the Channel Islands and the UK.