Parasol Mushroom

Parasol Mushroom - Lindsay PyneParasol Mushroom - Lindsay Pyne

Latin name: Macrolepiiota procera --EDIBLE--

The Parasol Mushroom is one of Alderney’s specialities. It is one of the largest fungi, growing up to 30 cm.  When young it is conical in shape, becoming almost flat as it matures with a central bump, known as an umbo, and the cap diameter at maturity ranges between 10 and 30 cm. The caps are a creamy colour with a darker brown area near the crown which breaks into brownish scales. The gills are creamy white. The Parasol Mushroom cap is delicious cooked - there are similar looking mushrooms that are not edible but if the thick woolly double-sided ring underneath the cap moves up and down the stem freely it is a Parasol.

It grows on grassy seaside cliffs and can be regularly be found on Alderney, particularly along its southern and western coasts, from July to November.

Status in the UK: common
Status in Alderney: common