Jelly Ears

Jelly Ears - Bill BlackJelly Ears - Bill Black

Latin name: Auricularia auricula-judae --EDIBLE--

This fungus resembles a jelly-like ear. The outer surface is lobed and is velvety brown with a purple tinge and is covered with a fine greyish down. In dry weather it shrivels up to a crispy texture, swelling up again after rain. It can be found all year round, usually in small groups, on dead or dying tree trunks and fallen branches particularly of elder, in damp shady locations. It is edible, both raw and cooked, (although do not eat the dried out fruit bodies) but has little flavour.

A good place to find it on Alderney is in the Vau du Saou.

Status in the UK: very common
Status in Alderney: very common