Northern Gannet

Northern GannetNorthern Gannet - Tim Morley

Where and when to see: Les Etacs and Ortac between February and October

Latin name: Morus bassanus

Gannets are large Seabirds that build nests on steep rocky coasts. Adults are 85-97cm long and have a wingspan of 170-192cm. They are mostly white in colour, with black wing-tips, yellow head and bright blue eye. They are powerful hunters entering the water at high speed in an action known as plunge diving. They protect themselves from the impact with the water by folding their wings against their body and by closing a third (opaque) eyelid to protect their eye.

Status in Alderney: Very Common Breeder – Internationally important population

Status in UK (RSPB Criteria): Amber

Worldwide Status (IUCN Red List and Population Trend): Least Concern; Increasing