Herring Gull

Herring GullHerring Gull

Where and when to see: Common sighting around the island most of the year, best on Crabby Bay during the summer

Latin name: Larus argentatus

Larger than a Lesser Black-backed Gull, but smaller than a Great Black-backed Gull, the Herring Gull is 54-60cm long and has a wingspan of 123-148cm. It has silver-grey wings with black wingtips. The wingtips have small white spots on them and the yellow bill has a red spot at the end. The legs are pink. The Herring Gull uses human activities as sources of food, such as rubbish tips, fisheries discards and litter in towns. As such the natural population is severely declining as they migrate into coastal development areas.

Status in Alderney: Common Breeder

Status in UK (RSPB Criteria): Red

Worldwide Status (IUCN Red List and Population Trend): Least Concern; Unknown