Alderney is home to a vast range of species of birds (at last count a total of 284 species have been recorded on the island at least once). There are a large number of different habitats on Alderney and its surrounding islets and these create areas both for resident species and rare migrants. Each species has its own defining characteristics and behavioural traits that make them unique.

Use the pictures in the carousel, or links down the side of the page, to explore 20 of Alderney’s ‘birds of interest’. In each page you can learn more about the focus species, ascertain where to see it and discover its most identifiable features.

Along with details of the birds' characteristics each species will also have three status indicators. One for the population size in Alderney, one for its conservation status in the UK (RSPB criteria) and one for its conservation status and population trend in the World (IUCN criteria).

You can also navigate to our terrestrial bird and seabird galleries to view more high quality photographs of Alderney's bird life. 

A detailed account of all bird species ever seen on Alderney can be downloaded below; plus an account of all birds across the Channel Islands.


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Alderney Bird List (updated Jan 2014)406.97 KB
Channel Island Bird List (updated Dec 2012)1.24 MB