Amphibians & Reptiles

Alderney is home to two amphibian and one reptile species - the Common Frog, the Palmate Newt and the Slow Worm.

Alderney's Amphibians are most commonly encountered in and around Mannez and Longis Ponds, while the Slow Worm can sometimes be seen basking in the grassy clearings on the edge of the coastal woodlands at Vau du Saou.

Use the pictures in the carousel, or links down the side of the page, to explore Alderney’s Amphibian and Reptile species. In each page you can learn more about each species, ascertain where to see it and discover its most identifiable features.

Along with details of the species' characteristics each species will also have status indicators.

You can also navigate to our Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians gallery to view more high quality photographs of Alderney's Herpetofauna.