Waves breaking over the Ortac Northern Gannetry, birds can still be seen on nestWaves breaking over the Ortac Northern Gannetry, birds can still be seen on nest

Nestling at the northern most tip of the Bay Normand-Breton, exposed to the Atlantic Ocean to the west and suffering the winds funnelling down the English Channel, Alderney, like all islands, is very much aware of its weather.

Our dedicated weather guru is Grant Le Marchant (AWT Director).

This, along with resources such as the Jersey Meterological Office, makes the lives of all of us at the Alderney Wildlife Trust that little bit easier.

                                        DAILY WEATHER FORECAST

Alderney weather forecast issued 0800 GMT Friday 16th November 2018.

Good morning, a very moist and mild S'ly flow covers our area.

Weather for today, another mainly grey day in prospect. Low cloud with mist/fog patches perhaps temporarily lifting for a time early this afternoon before reforming this evening and overnight.

Winds, SE'ly light F2 to F4 increasing F4 to F5 this afternoon further increasing F6 perhaps F7 this evening.

Sea State, Slight becoming Moderate to R.Rough by this evening.

Temps. Max. 14C. Min. 9C.

Make the most of this mild spell, the cold is likely to arrive in the middle of next week. At present it will start around late Tuesday going into Wednesday and remain for the rest of the week, a slight warm up but there is a very large pool of cold air pooling over Eastern Europe/Russia under a building area of high pressure. Unusual synoptics for this time of year going into December, but once a large blocking high gets established in that location on the continent  it doesn't take much for cold to retrogress towards us. This is all a long way in the future and could change but interesting times.  







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