The Dangers of Marine Plastics














We are home to a large variety of seabirds including internationally important colonies. Seabirds are a great indicator of the oceans health so small declines in them can indicate something much more sinister. Not only are the seabirds environmentally important but economically they are important to the island through tourism.

The Dangers of Marine Plastics

Plastics are the most common form of marine litter degrading slowly and remaining in the ocean for long periods of time. When degrading they breakdown into smaller fragments which are easily ingested by many animals including seabirds. Whilst much of this waste is trapped within the marine environment some of it does reach our shores. In February over 70 plastic bottles were collected from 1 beach on Alderney by dedicated volunteers carrying out their regular beach clearance. The effect of this sort of waste entering out ecosystems can be disastrous for wildlife.

Another dramatic example of litter we see on Alderney is lost or discarded fishing lines. Hooks from these are especially dangerous to wildlife and domestic animals alike but longer lengths of the lines can entangle birds. Gannets are especially affected as they use this material in their nests which increases chick and adult mortality.

With the help of Trudi and her unique artwork we can raise awareness of the dangers of marine litter to our entire community!


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