Activities, Walks and Tours

An AWT bat walkBat Walk, Chris Andrews

The AWT provides a wide range of Activities, Walks and Tours throughout the year. See below for a list of our scheduled Walks and Tours, with others available on request and check What’s On for the latest Activities.

The programme of scheduled walks and tours runs throughout the year, with something for everyone to get involved with. Please get in touch if you would like to do something outside of our scheduled walks and tours - we want to make sure everyone has the chance to see and learn about Alderney's amazing wildlife so we will do our best to accommodate you! 

Seabirds Boat Trip

Alderney has one of the most unique coastlines of any British Isles, crammed with seabirds including the much loved Puffin (on Burhou from March until July) and around 1% of the world’s Northern Gannet population. This amazing diversity of marine life is coupled with strong tides and dramatic backdrop of Alderney's coastline, giving a seabirds tour you'll never forget.

So climb aboard the Sula of Braye (the Alderney Wildlife Trust’s workboat) and spend a great couple of hours on the water.

Scheduled: from March to October every Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm. We can run extra tours for groups of over 6 people and may be able to do extra trips - please check in the Alderney Wildlife Trust Office, Victoria Street, email or phone 01481 822 935

Price: £25adults, £20 child & 20% discount to AWT members

Bat and hedgehog walks

As the sun sets on the island our expert guide will use bat detectors to search out bats around tow. Most commonly we find Pipistrelles - just 3.5" long and with a wingspan of just 9". You will get an insight into the life of bats, how they live and their feeding cycles - bats feed on micro-moths and midges and can eat up to 3000 midges in one night!

Once darkness really falls we will then look for hedgehogs, both brown and Alderney's famous blondes which frequent gardens as they snuffle about the hedgerows looking for insects.
You will also hear all about the latest research the AWT in undertaking to find out more about the populations of these fascinating nocturnal creatures. 
This is a chance to discover the nocturnal world of these amazing creatures. An ideal walk for young and old, lasting around 1.5hrs in the town area.

Scheduled every Tuesday evening at sunset from April – October, we can also run extra tours for groups of over 4 people. Email, phone 01481 822 935 or pop in to our office on Victoria Street for timings. 

Price: £6 adults, £3 children, 20% discount to AWT members.

Tom Marshall - hedgehog in the garden

Wildlife Kayaking

A paddle out with one of the Alderney Wildlife Trust's specialist marine guides in a kayaks around on of Alderney's bays and the wider coast. Whether it's cruising through the shallows or venturing into caves, the tranquility and peace that can be found when out on the water under your own steam is second to none.

Scheduled: during the summer by request please get in touch with, 01481 822 935 or our office on Victoria Street

Price for 1.5 hr trips: £20 adults, £16 children & 20% discount to AWT members

Alderney’s Seabirds and Round Island Boat Trip

The AWT carries out monthly seabird and cetatean surveys around the coast and you have the chance to get on board for these round-island trips. Take in the puffins, gannets and other magnificent seabirds while also on the lookout for seals (there is a small breeding colony on Burhou) and dolphins. 

You guides are also the sceintists carrying out the monitoring and research into Alderney's mrine life so you'll hear it all here first! 

All trips start from the RNLI Station at the harbour and passengers are asked to meet 15min before the trip's start time.

Scheduled: monthly from April - August, more frequently in September and October (after the puffins have left)  please check in the Alderney Wildlife Trust Office, Victoria Street, email or call 01481 822935 to check this month's dates.

Price: £30 adults, £22 child & 20% discount to AWT members

Guided Countryside Walk

A walk to show you some of hidden Alderney and help you discover a little more about the island and its history. Our guides are very knowledgeable and can adapt the focus of the walk depending on the group and your interests. There is a huge amount of wildlife of all shapes and sizes to talk about as well as and visible history packed into a small and easily accessible space. A walking is the best way to see it all up close and really get to know the place!  Walks take around 2 to 2.5 hours.

We offer these walks on request, for a minimum of 4 people. Get in touch on or 01481 822935 or pop in to our office on Victoria Street to arrange your walk. 

Price: £6 adults, £3 children, 20% discount to AWT members.

Conservation Volunteering

Join Alderney's green gym! Much of the island's most beautiful countryside is kept open to the public by volunteers who meet every week for 2hr sessions to socialise, help care for the island and get a 'green' workout. The work varies weekly from footpath cutting, removing invasive speciesbut the group welcomes visitors to join them for a one off session, be it clearing footpaths or historic sites. (Please contact us for more details)

The volunteers meet every Wednesday and Saturday at 1.45pm at the Wildlife Trust Office, Victoria Street. To find out what they're up to that week email 

Guided Town Walk

A tour of the hidden aspects of St. Anne including visits to the Court of Alderney and St. Anne’s Church. An easy walk for all, taking around 1.5 hrs.

Scheduled: Mondays at 2pm book at the Alderney Visitor Information Centre, from May until September.

Price: £6 adults, £3 children, 20% discount to AWT members. 

Boat Trip: Burhou Sightseeing

Have you ever wanted to visit the Burhou? Join an AWT guide on a walk around Burhou and see first hand where the Puffins and Storm Petrels nest. Total trip time approx. 2-2.5hrs, with between 40-60 minutes on Burhou.

Access to the island is by tender so all those undertaking the trip must be able to climb up and down 3ft from an inflatable. Clothes suitable for walking and for getting a bit wet when leaving the boat must be worn.

Please check in the Alderney Wildlife Trust Office, Victoria Street or by emailing for dates for these trips.

Price: £40 adults, £30 child & 20% discount to AWT members 


Guided on Burhou from Living Islands: Live on Vimeo.


Book tours with the Alderney Wildlife Trust, 48 Victoria Street or contact us on or 01481 822 935

During the Autumn and Winter the programme is run on a 'request' basis, so if you would like to know more please get in touch

Most of the above tours and activities are run by volunteers and all income generated goes towards the work of the Alderney Wildlife Trust.