Speak to a States member

Wildlife in Alderney needs your help. Speak to a States member about why wildlife and the environment are important to you, and why we need laws to protect them on our island.

Wildlife is under threat and there are fewer wild places every day. Thousands of birds, insects and other creatures across the British Isles are finding it harder to survive. Plants and trees are under pressure too.

Wildlife doesn't have a voice- but you do.

Please help by speaking to a States Member about what Alderney's wildlife and natural environment means to you.


Better environmental protection could: 

1. Improve everyone's access to nature

2. Protect your right to a healthy natural environment

3. Ensure wildlife is protected from threats such as habitat loss

4. Create new wild areas and wildlife corridors

5. Improve air quality, especially around the town

6. Prevent freshwater sources from poisoning with chemicals

7. Reduce emissions that are contributing to climate change

8. Make sure all aspects of our waste is managed properly 


Why do we need to protect our environment?

We need wildlife. Our natural world is valuable in its own right and is the foundation of our wellbeing - we depend on it and it depends on us. Without a healthy natural world the survival of humanity is at stake. By creating and imrpoving space for nature, we can create a better world for people and wildlife.

Wildlife is in trouble. From rivers and woodlands, to birds and flowers, our natural world is struggling. Over half the species assessed in the State of Nature report have suffered since the 1970s, with many of our much-loved animals struggling. In recent years in the UK these trends have taken place:

* 66% decline in the number of barn owls since the 1930s

* 95% decline in the number of basking shark in UK waters since 1950s

* 90% decline in the number of common frogs since the 1980s

Wildlife needs us. We can make a difference.