Marine Week 2019

Limpets - Joshua Copping

Events all week to celebrate Alderney's marine environment as well as some new citizen science surveys to help us learn more about the creatures and their habitats living around Alderney's coast

Sat 27th July
10am - rockpooling at Longis see how many of creatures we can find in the pools. From the Raz causeway
12pm - tank talk on gobis and blennies in Tourism Office. One of these small fish species will be in our tank for the week, join Hannah as she explains more about these elusive animals
2pm - marine mammal special boat trip looking out for the seals which breed behind Burhou plus spotting seabirds

Sun 28th July
4pm - marine mammal watch, with teams at various locations around the coast to see who can spot the most!
Choose from Tourgis, the lighthouse or the wildlife bunker on the south cliffs

Mon 29th July
This week there will be a range of invasive species in the tank in the Tourism Office, Hannah will be in on Saturday (3rd) morning to explain the problems marine invasive species cause

Wed 31st July
2pm - rockpooling and a timed species search in the Clonque Ramsar site. Clonque is one of our most diverse bays so what will we find in quick 10 minute searches
6pm - marine mammal talk by Dr. Mel Braothurst-Allen at the AWT Office

Fri 2nd August
2.30pm - strandline survey from Campsite. A new citizen science project for Alderney! Get involved to record what's on our shores
6pm - a relaxing evening snorkel at Longis, to finish the week meet Nunnery beach car park