Victor Levine

Question 1. How important do you feel Alderney’s natural environment is to you personally and what specific measures would you put forward to ensure it is appropriately cared for?

Alderney’s natural environment was a significant factor in my moving from Guernsey to Alderney. I love the hilly, rocky countryside with numerous attractive views – especially the coastal ones. It should be important to all of us to preserve, protect and enhance these. I am supportive of AWT and appreciate the excellent value the Island receives from you. I would favourably consider requests from AWT for resources. I would like to help generate income for Alderney and its residents from sensible development of tidal power, which would significantly improve our economy and the availability of funds for your valuable work.


Question 2. As a States Member you will have responsibility for protecting and ensuring the wise use of Alderney’s natural assets. You will also be asked to ensure that the island’s economy and its community as a whole is maintained, and viable. How will you achieve sustainable economic and community development to ensure Alderney’s future and what key goals would you set to achieve this?

I believe we must protect and enhance green belt and our coastal assets and also our important buildings. Again development of our tidal energy and possibly use of other sustainable energy such as solar and to a lesser extent wind will provide lower energy cost as well as income for the Island. Obviously anything we can do to improve transport between Alderney and England, France, Jersey and Guernsey will be helpful. The key goal I want to meet is to find an acceptable tidal power developer, negotiate a contract which is good for the whole population rather than just a few and protect such income from external interference (as has happened to gambling commission income, which I predicted and gave advice how to prevent but was not heeded). My second goal is to try and bring some serious intelligent debate to government with better decision-making than has been the case previously.