Kevin Gentle

Alderney's natural environment is one of the things that brings people here. For me, in the simplest way possible, the ability to walk my dog and not have houses and roads at every corner to contend with is a big plus. The protection of the Green Belt goes a long way to ensuring that the status quo is maintained. 

Planning is relevant to sustainable development. What the environment can sustain and what the people want may be quite different. Alderney has to continually adjust to meet the economic and community development of the residents. We need to use our resources to meet current needs while ensuring that there is something left for future generations. We all want a better quality of life and minimising waste, preventing pollution, promoting efficiency and developing local resources to help revitalise the local economy can all be positives.

Decisions come from shared information among all members of the community, including the SoA.

Upgrading efficiency of energy use, with the advent of the much talked about tidal power, and the usage of solar power in whatever size or form can help, but only when it is not to the detriment of the natural environment. 

Sustainable tourist activities based on areas of environmental and historical significance will only work if the point above is adhered to. 

Recycling turns waste into resources but it doesn't hurt to minimise that initial waste. Unfortunately we live on an island where everything comes in from outside and we therefore produce that bit more waste than you would hope. 

Developing things that reduce the environmental burdens.

The advent of more energy efficient appliances is a positive step, whilst not actually being anything to do with the AWT, but they can help protect out natural environment. 

I'm of the view that the work that I'm aware of that the AWT engages in is probably one of the best adverts for tourism after Alderney Week, and I'd like to see it continue. Now I don't know if they require more money or even if there's more money in the pot to give them, and nor am I promising to give them anything, but I can safely say that as a States Member I will value their input when I ask for advice and champion their cause when I see fit. Now I appreciate that the answers to the questions asked might not be what was either expected or wanted but only after speaking to Roland will I have a far better understanding.

Kevin Gentle