Tour Guides

Coastal guided walkCoastal guided walk

With thousands of residents and visitors heading out into Alderney's countryside, historic buildings and seascape, the Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) guides provide a vital service and open up the island to all.

Join the growing number of guides who offer insight into the different aspects of the island’s environment and history.  Guiding opportunities range from:

  • Town Walks - the hidden highlights of St. Annes,
  • Countryside Walks - from Gannets to grasshoppers
  • Bird Walks
  • Nocturnal Walks - Bats to Blonde Hedgehogs and much more
  • Fortifications tours - Roman, Napolonic, Victorian and World War II
  • Lighthouse Tours 
  • Boat trips - seabird and seals, pelagic seabirds, open season visits to Burhou with a guide, southern beach trips, recycle fish sustainable angling.

It is not necessary to be a member of the AWT to volunteer, so if you have any questions regarding volunteering opportunities please do get in touch!

How can I get involved?

Getting involved is simple! You can contact us directly by calling the office on +44(0)1481 822935 or drop in and have a chat.  Alternatively you can fill in the volunteering webform and we'll be in touch.