Ramsar Volunteers

Getting on and off Burhou can be trickyGetting on and off Burhou can be tricky

Join the team which cares for the island’s internationally important wetland site, twice the site of Alderney and full of some of the most spectacular wildlife in the Channel Islands.

Roles are varied and can cover working on the AWT’s boat, sometimes helping to keep her in running order, to seabird survey and assisting in shoreline monitoring and wildlife assistance.


Burhou Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to help us carry out seabird survey work on the islet of Burhou (the Channel Islands' largest puffin colony).


What’s Involved?

  • Assisting with gull and puffin counts, spending time watching puffin burrows to work out breeding success rates, carrying out storm petrel surveys.
  • Assisting with maintenance work such as bracken clearing.

Volunteer Role Requirements

  • Would probably need to be Alderney-based during the summer months.
  • Ideally must be flexible and available between the 1st April to the 31st July. Weekly boat trips during the peak summer season.
  • Must be willing to spend overnight on Burhou, in very basic living conditions.
  • Must be physically capable as the role requires boat travel, landings and coping with rocky terrain.
  • Willingness to get involved with project management would be welcomed.
  • No formal experience is necessary, as training will be given.
  • An interest in birds, good observational skills and patience would be advantageous.

Puffincam Website Support

A remote camera- PuffinCam and PetrelCam - broadcasts live pictures from the small island of Burhou during the breeding season from April to July.  Volunteers who are game for a challenge and don't mind a puzzle are a vital part to keeping on top of the webcams and what our wildlife is upto.


Website Management

We are also looking for a volunteer to help manage this website, technical experience would be an advantage.

Note for all positions: It is not necessary to be a member of the AWT to volunteer, so if you have any questions regarding volunteering opportunities please do get in touch. 


How can I get involved?

Getting involved is simple! You can contact us directly by calling the office on +44(0)1481 822935 or drop in and have a chat.  Alternatively you can fill in the volunteering webform and we'll be in touch.