Alderney Record Centre Volunteers

Surveyors at work Surveyors at work

Understanding our island's wildlife is one of the AWT's most important roles.

Over the last 100 years ecological, biological, geological and even cultural records have been collected which are of vital importance in responding to issues such as species decline and habitat change.

The Alderney Record Centre (ARC) is also an important public resource, allowing residents, as well as the AWT itself, to respond to planning applications, informing government of sites of importance, or simply letting people know where to look to see something interesting on Alderney.

Getting involved in the ARC does not mean sitting in front of a screen endlessly adding records to a spreadsheet, although this is certainly an important part of developing the Centre.  ARC work includes:

  • entering data into our Record Centre database or checking records
  • recording, using existing skills or developing new ones, to help collect information on Alderney's natural environment
  • surveying - every year the AWT runs a number of formal surveys designed to map key species and habitats.   These range form breeding bird surveys, to hedgehog studies and much more between
  • mapping the island- despite being only 5.6km² there is still much of the island which needs to be better recorded.  This work could include initial mapping of remote areas, or the updating of historic maps into our GIS system.

It is not necessary to be a member of the AWT to volunteer for the Alderney Record Centre, so if you have any questions regarding volunteering opportunities please do get in touch. 


How can I get involved?

Getting involved is simple! You can contact us directly by calling the office on +44(0)1481 822935 or drop in and have a chat.  Alternatively you can fill in the volunteering webform and we'll be in touch.