Board of Directors

life in Alderney's seaslive in Alderney's seas

The Board of the Alderney Wildlife Trust meets on a monthly basis in the form of a Management Committee in addition to formal Board Meetings.

The Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) operates through a Company Limited by Guarantee, Alderney Wildlife Trust Ltd, whose Board of Directors is appointed annually by the AWT's Membership.

Ian Carter BSc, PGCE, NPQH, CBiol, MSB, FRSA: President, Alderney Wildlife Trust

Ian's passions for the world around him evolved out of a zoology degree from Durham University and several years’ research experience in Brunei and Sarawak looking at rainforests and their peoples followed with a Science PGCE at Cambridge University.

This prepared him for 30 years teaching Biology in a range of UK schools and for the last 10 years until December 2013 he was Headmaster of Poole Grammar School along with being a Board member of Bournemouth University.

Now he has the pleasure of living on Alderney full time, in semi-retirement, whilst pursuing a range of biological, educational, publishing and heritage interests on and off the island and enthusing everyone he meets about the jewel in the Channel Island’s crown which is Alderney!

Brian Bonnard: Director, Alderney Wildlife Trust

Born in Wandsworth, London, 1930, Brian undertook a 3 year Bsc course in Botany, Chemistry and Physics 1947-50. He was conscripted into the RAMC for 2 years National Service as a Medical orderly.

Having taken early retirement he moved to Guernsey and joined La Société Guernesiaise where he and his wife were active in the Botanical and Bird watching sections and Brian later became a member of its Council.

After 4 years Brian came over to Alderney to give a talk on the Bailiwick Tree Survey to the Alderney Society Natural History section. He liked the beauty and quiet of Alderney and looked for a house here, moving into the small bungalow on Platte Saline about a year later and joining the Alderney Society in 1986.   He became the Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI) Recorder for the island, a position which he still holds, and contributed all of the records from Alderney to their Millennium project update of the “New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora”. 

Brian has had 6 books published about Alderney's history and natural history since coming to the island.

Brian was asked to become a Director at the Trust's inception in 2002 and acted as Treasurer before taking on the role of AWT President.  After the maximum single period as President, Brian stood down, though he maintained his roll as a director on the Board until 2014 when he was once again elected as President.

Catherine Veron, MBA: Director, Alderney Wildlife Trust

Catherine has worked for the States of Guernsey since 1998, most recently as the States Emergency Planning Officer before moving to Alderney in 2015.  She is a qualified bird ringer, operating under the Channel Island Bird Ringing Scheme and has been involved in Bailiwick seabird monitoring/ringing for the last 20 years.  She recently coordinated the latest national seabird survey for the Bailiwick as part of the Joint Nature Conservation Council's initiative.  She is a founding member of the Alderney Bird Observatory Committee, a project which she believes will ensure a more coordinated approach to recording bird species (and potentially other species) on the island and ensuring there is a scientific database to inform any future changes in Alderney's policy and/or land management plans.

Nigel Clarke, BA (Law), M.Phil: Director, Alderney Wildlife Trust

Born and educated in Northamptonshire, Nigel was a Police officer for 32 years and following retirement currently provides consultancy services in relation to Criminal Justice and Intelligence Analysis.

Nigel first visited Alderney in the early 1980’s on diving holidays and visited regularly over the past ten years with his wife Anthea before they moved to the Island in 2014. From his diving experience he has an interest in marine life and has always had an interest in wildlife. In 2015 he became a volunteer with the Trust and joined the Board as a Director in 2016.

Grant Le Marchant: Director, Alderney Wildlife Trust

As you can see from my surname I am indigenous to the Bailiwick.
After leaving school I joined the RAF and trained initially in ATC (Air Traffic Control)before being posted to London where I joined a unit involved in Air Defence and got involved in the training of fighter controllers who launched and directed fast pointy jets to intercept Soviet bloc ‘bear’ aircraft sent down the North Cape in the main, testing the UK’s response and readiness in defending our airspace. This was at the height of the Cold War. The work was interesting and very enjoyable but I soon realised this particular skillset was not going to be required by many future employers and so I made the decision to return to Guernsey where I soon changed direction from aviation to marine.

I joined St. Peter Port Radio (later changed to Guernsey Coastguard) where I worked for twenty five years. This was interesting work liaising closely with other SAR (Search and Rescue) units before taking early retirement and moving with my wife to Alderney.

I’ve always had an interest in wildlife, frequently coming into contact with it whilst out on the water and have now got the time to learn and appreciate it even more. I’ve hosted the puffin cam since 2012 and have enjoyed providing a daily weather forecast on the AWT’s website since early 2016, and have on occasion been known to get one or two correct!!

I’m also heavily involved in the conservation volunteers side of things for the Trust, and as a bit of a busman’s holiday, help out with ‘Sula’ as and when required.