The full time staff team at the Trust is made up of a dedicated mix of paid and largely volunteer placements. All our staff are skilled in their fields and work for the Trust full time but most do so at their own cost and give a huge amount to help support Alderney's Wildlife. With this in mind it is very important to us to credit both volunteers and paid staff equally, especially as they share responsibilities equally. The Trust would ask that everyone please respect and value the effort made by all our staff and, where possible, please let them know you appreciate them!

Roland Gauvain: Trust Manager

Roland moved from his position as Conservation Officer for the States of Alderney (the island’s local government) to become the AWT's Manager at its inception in 2002. A graduate of Stirling University, his interests lie across a wide range of conservation and ecological subjects, although he has a passion for  Alderney’s cultural landscape. 

Perhaps most notably Roland continues to use his background of driving tractors, animal husbandry and qualifications as the aux skipper for the Trust's boat, as an excuse for not spending time in the office.

Responsibilities: Overall responsibility to the AWT’s Directors / Development of Conservation Objectives / Management of AWT sites / Staff Manager / Marine Operations / Manager of the AWT's Consultancy (AWTE) / Director Living Islands Ltd.

Lindsay Pyne: Trust Secretary

Lindsay was born and grew up only 35miles from Alderney on the island of Jersey.  She moved from there to London where she developed a career in banking administration, before returning to the Channel Islands and becoming a full time Alderney resident in 2002.  She became one of the AWT's first Conservation Volunteers that same year and was elected its Hon. Secretary in 2005. 

Lindsay is involved in many aspects of the AWT’s day-to-day running, both in the office (including membership, treasury and the shop), and out in the field where she assists with the Conservation Volunteers and is involved in terrestrial survey work, primarily for flora (she is a keen amateur botanist) and for the Butterfly Monitoring Scheme. 

Responsibilities: office administration and accounting / Hon. Secretary / Membership management / Conservation Team support / Botanical survey / UKBMS.

Dr. Mel Broadhurst: Living Seas Officer

Mel graduated with a BSc in Coastal Marine Biology in 2003 from Hull University and an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation in 2005 from Edinburgh, Napier University. Mel moved to Alderney in 2007, working as the trust’s ecologist until mid-2008, where she began a PhD with Imperial College London. The PhD examined the influence of marine tidal energy development upon the marine environment, for which was based on Alderney and the Orkney Isles. Her current research interests focus on how marine species interact with natural and anthropogenic pressures and how to quantitatively record mobile species’ behaviour within the marine environment. In between academic life, Mel has worked on a range of marine ecological projects and academic field courses across different tropical and temperate locations, including Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, France, Scotland and Lancashire.

As the trust’s Living Seas Officer, Mel is responsible for delivering the trust’s Living Seas programme, which comprised of implementing marine research and surveys with key groups and universities. This includes engagement activities with local and UK government, other bodies and the public on marine issues (i.e. MPAs, renewables, fisheries and recording marine life). Mel is also responsible for the ecological works associated with the trust’s consultancy firm, Alderney Wildlife Trust Enterprises Ltd.

Responsibilities: implementing the AWT Living Seas programme/ public awareness of marine activities / AWT ecological consultancy work-streams/ Ramsar support/ Terrestrial Ecologist and ARC support.

Claire Thorpe: People and Wildlife Officer

Claire studied biology at the University of Oxford, graduating in 2013. Her main focus became the ecology modules, leading to a dissertation on the effects non-native tree species can have on biodiversity. A year off included volunteering for the Wildlife Trust in the Scilly Isles and teaching English in China.

Claire then completed her MSc in Conservation at UCL. Her thesis looked at the policy and objectives surrounding a marine protected area in Jamaica, and research involved interviews with politicians, researchers and community members. Post-graduation Claire worked for a natural health charity as their campaign coordinator, gaining experience in article writing, social media and communications.

Responsibilities: Project Manager Living Island: LIVE/ Educational Development / Trust Communications / Ramsar Support / Marine Biological Support.

Marine Ramsar Officer

Responsibilities: Ramsar Site Management / Trust Ornithologist / Support Living Islands: LIVE / Educational Support / Contact RSPB, BTO

Mariko Whyte: Conservation Officer


Mariko took the long way round to reach her current position, having studied chemistry as an undergraduate. Deciding in her final year that a career in pharma was not really what she wanted to do, she spent a period volunteering with the RSPB at home in Dorset. This allowed her to indulge her love of British wildlife and countryside and prompted her to embark on an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Leeds.

While at Leeds, Mariko gained knowledge of moorland ecology and management through volunteering with Moors for the Future and the National Trust at Marsden Moor. Her thesis looked at the fragmentation of broadleaved woodland habitats in arable matrices and measured the abundance and diversity of ground beetle communities in woodland fragments in Central England.

Mariko has a particular fascination for invertebrates, plants and fungi of all kinds and is enjoying getting to know Alderney’s diverse flora and fauna.

Responsibilities: Management and monitoring planning / Reserve and footpath maintenance / Conservation Volunteers Assistant/ Terrestrial survey and ecology support/ Ornithology support


Reserves Officer


Responsibilities: Reserve and footpath maintenance / Alderney Grazing Animal Project Manager / Alderney Conservation Volunteers Team Leader / Terrestrial ecology support.