Dark Skies

View of Burhou from Platte Saline, Alderney under starry skiesBurhou under starry skies, credit Sandy Robertson

Alderney has dark skies – really dark skies! One of the best sites for stargazing is Fort Tourgis, on the island’s north-west coast, easily accessible on foot, by bike or by car. Living Islands has selected the fort for major restoration work in 2013-14, and is co-ordinating excavation and clearance activities by States of Alderney Works Department and local and visiting volunteers. Michael Maunder, of the British Astronomical Association, is due to lead a Starry Skies Night at Fort Tourgis on Friday 20th December. Professor Brian Cox will also be featuring the Dark Skies of Alderney in his new BBC astronomy programme, on 8th January. Photo: Skyscape over Burhou (detail) credit: Sandy Robertson