LIVE to GannetCam

LIVE is always looking at new ways to connect people with wildlife and in 2015 we brought you a window into the lives of one of our most impressive seabirds with GannetCam.

This year the Alderney Wildlife Trust will be looking to bring you LIVE's first livefeed GannetCam from the northern gannetry of Ortac, some three miles further offshore than the existing cameras on Burhou.

GannetCam will be available after the birds arrive back on the colony in April and will stream right up until their departure in October, offering a real insight into how Gannets rear their young. The two gannetries in Alderney's waters are home to over 2% of the world's Northern Gannet population meaning cameras on Ortac, the second most southerly colony in Europe, will offer a completely new view into the world of these majestic seabirds.

This footage above was taken from a short trial undertaken on the Les Etacs colony during the 2013 season. 

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