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Alderney’s Northern Gannetries are the 2nd most southerly colonies in the world and support around 1% of the species’ global population.

With 6 wind and 3 tidal farm sites proposed within the English Channel, it is more important than ever for us to understand the foraging habits of these magnificent birds.

To do this the Trust is raising money to purchase state-of-the-art miniaturised GPS tracking tags. These GPS tags will help uncover more information on the birds’ lifecycle and their feeding and foraging habits. They may also highlight the potential impacts that marine developments could have, and help us to understand the impacts of fisheries practices and marine pollution incidents.

Gannets often fly over several hundred kilometres in a single foraging trip, with the longest trips over 800km. These tags make it possible to get a much broader picture of how these birds use the waters of the Channel Islands, UK and France to survive.
T.A.G. 2015 results:

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Product description

You can help us better understand and protect these amazing birds by helping us to raise the money to buy the specialised miniture GPS tags !  


For a £15 bronze package + £1 postage = £16 

you will recieve:

  • an adoption card and a fun facts greeting card as a thank you

For a £30 silver package + £9 postage and packaging = £39 

you will recieve:

  • adoption gift pack as above as a thank you

For a £50 gold package + £9 postage and packaging = £59 

you will recieve:

  • adoption gift pack as above as a thank you.
  • entry into our prize draw to name your Gannet!

For a £400 platinum package + £9 postage and packaging = £409 

(£400 is the total cost of purchasing and installing one GPS tag!)

you will recieve:

  • adoption gift pack  as above as a thank you.
  • an a5 print of a Northern Gannet illustration by artist Adam Pryce
  • and most importantly, you can name your Gannet!


Your Adoption Gift Box includes:

  • Soft, cuddly Gannet toy
  • Fun facts greeting card
  • A Gannet pin badge
  • An Adoption card

Please note we now provide the packs without the plastic box, but you will receive all the items listed in your package.


To adopt an Ortac Gannet, call our office on +44(0)1481 822935, email us at or visit our shop on Victoria Street.