Donations & Legacies

Yellow-horned Poppies colonising areas of Platte Saline BeachYellow-horned Poppies colonising areas of Platte Saline Beach

Can you help us make things happen? In Alderney a small donation can make things happen, a larger donation can affect our whole island, and a big donation, well who knows what might be possible!

Donations help us undertake very specific projects such as the preservation of beautiful, yet often forgotten habitats, for example shingle beach and heathland, where commercial activities or abandonment can threaten internationally important habitats and species.  

At the same time donations from members have helped provide us with the resources to work with the States of Alderney, the island's government, in a bid to stablise the island's economy and re-invigorate our island community through the Living Islands project.


Making a donation

You can contact us in person to discuss making a donation, or over the telephone +44(0)1481 822935, and ask to speak to Roland or Lindsay. 

Alternatively you can visit our office or fill out our webform.

Please see our making payments page for details.