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Watch Group Alderney

From building bird boxes to making ponds, Watch Members get involved in all aspects of the Alderney Wildlife Trust's work and play.

WATCH is the junior part of the Wildlife Trusts. Alderney WATCH has plenty of in-island members, but also a large number of enthusiasts who live on the UK mainland and visit regularly.  The picture gallery and the magazine pdfs show something of the range of activities this busy WATCH Group undertakes.

Alderney has achieved five Nature Rangers, the top level of the Wildlife Trust Watch awards.  Other key events have included the creation of a brilliant pond in WATCH’s attractive conservation area, the Jubilee Garden.   Most important of all, Alderney has linked with Sark to produce a WATCH Group covering both islands.  We believe this is the first time such an amalgamation has occurred, and already it looks like being a great success.  To celebrate the link, both groups took part in a photo-competition, to depict their islands from as many aspects as possible – and the result was so encouraging that a second photoshoot is already planned for this winter.

WATCH in pictures

Alderney WATCH




Suzy (Watch Leader) and John Weir

+44 (0)1481 822574


David Wedd


+44 (0)1481 822673


Robin Whicker

+44 (0)1481 822487


The Etheredge Family

+44 (0)1481 822443



Sarah Cottle


+44 (0)1481 832601

Dr Richard Axton

+44 (0)1481 832570


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