LIVE: Wildlife Webcams

A Burhou Puffin returning to it's burrow with fish [Chris Bale 2013]

Discover and learn about Alderney's wildlife through our LIVE webcams

The public can discover the intriguing lives of Alderney’s seabirds through our LIVE webcams from the heart of the seabird colony on Burhou. On the webcams you will be able to see Puffins, Herring, Lesser Black-backed and Great Black-backed Gulls, plus the odd rabbit or two hopping about. The Infra-red cameras mean you can catch glimpses of Storm Petrels at night too.

The webcams are part of LIVE: teaching through nature, an exciting and interactive educational project for schools in the UK and Channel Islands. This brings the life of the puffin (and the nature and wildlife of Alderney) into classrooms via our live webcams and blogs. We also have a range of free teaching resources available on the site, providing an effective way of teaching Science, Literacy, Maths and Art to Keystage 1 and 2 students. LIVE aims to educate and inspire a love of nature in pupils, while helping to promote creativity and confidence.