The Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) takes the threat of Covid-19 to Alderney’s community seriously and we are doing everything within our ability to minimise impacts (see guidance note).

The AWT Staff and Volunteers support the Covid Lockdown and want all the island’s residents to keep isolated and safe.

As part of this, the AWT has been instructed to curtail its land management (except where is involves caring for our livestock) and much of our survey work; however, this doesn’t prevent us from working remotely with our membership and the general public. We’re encouraging residents who are out exercising to keep their eyes open - perhaps even commit to taking the same walk daily - to help us get regular sightings. For others we’re suggesting they take a pair of secateurs with them on their walk and help to keep the paths clear, and also let us know if there are any problem areas. 

Our staff are attempting to contact volunteers and members who might need a little extra help, perhaps in learning to order from the shops or pharmacy, so just let us know if you are aware of someone who could do with a little assistance. 

Alderney is a beautiful island with a wonderful community, so no matter what this year brings let’s make the best of it!