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Lindsay's Flora Blog - 14th May

Posted: Thursday 14th May 2020 by trustadmin

OX-EYE DAISY Leucanthemum vulgare

Ox-eye Daisy is abundant here at this time of year, particularly around the south cliffs and coastal paths where you will see it in swathes, contributing to the wonderful varicoloured floral display you will find there.

It is our largest native daisy and is easy to identify by its large, round solitary flower heads, which can be up to 6 cm across, on single, tall stems. It is also great for wildlife as the yellow centre of the daisy is made up of many small flowers which hold nectar and can be exploited by various pollinating insects, including butterflies, bees and hoverflies.

Other common names include 'Moon Daisy', ‘Moonpenny’ or 'Dog Daisy' – and there are very many others. The garden Marguerite is a related species

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