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Lindsay's Flora Blog - 27th April

Posted: Monday 27th April 2020 by trustadmin

Green-winged Orchid Anacamptis morio

The Green-winged Orchid is Alderney’s earliest orchid to come into flower, usually from mid to late April through to May, although in recent years plants have occasionally been found in flower as early as late March.

The flowers are usually purple, but occasionally you can come across one that is white. The plant has prominent green veins on either side of the “hood” on the upper part of its flower and this characteristic gives it its name.

It likes infertile, nutrient poor grassland and for this reason has declined in the UK because of agricultural improvement - according to Plantlife, this plant’s status is now amber – vulnerable and near-threatened.

On Alderney it can be found at the eastern end of the island - on the Mannez Garenne and along the eastern coastal track.


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