David Earl

Question 1. How important do you feel Alderney’s natural environment is to you personally and what specific measures would you put forward to ensure it is appropriately cared for?

The rugged beauty of this island, together with its varied flora and flora, is one of Alderney's biggest assets and must be preserved at all costs. It is also an important USP (Unique Selling Proposition) when it comes to marketing the Island to potential visitors.


Question 2. As a States Member you will have responsibility for protecting and ensuring the wise use of Alderney’s natural assets. You will also be asked to ensure that the island’s economy and its community as a whole is maintained, and viable. How will you achieve sustainable economic and community development to ensure Alderney’s future and what key goals would you set to achieve this?

As a journalist, I have always made a point of promoting the good work of the Alderney Wildlife Trust. If elected to the States, I will continue give the AWT my full support, especially as the natural environment is one of the Island's biggest assets and my primary objective is to build a sustainable economic future for the Island.