Christian Harris

Question 1. How important do you feel Alderney’s natural environment is to you personally and what specific measures would you put forward to ensure it is appropriately cared for?

Alderney’s natural beauty is by far our greatest asset. For me, there is nowhere more beautiful than our Island, and should I be fortunate enough to be elected to the States of Alderney I will aim to make it a priority that our natural resources are protected, as well as promoted, whilst maintaining what we already enjoy.
I fully commend and support the work carried out by Roland and the AWT, and I know that the Trust is invaluable to not only protecting our natural beauty, but also in encouraging endeavours such as the community woodland and maintenance of our rural areas, together with making every islander and visitor aware of our magnificent flora and fauna and the protection it deserves.
The States need to be working alongside the AWT, as they are, in my mind, as equally important to the future of our island as tourism events such as Alderney Week are. As a member of the Alderney Week team, I try to work alongside and confer with the AWT to ensure that none of our events will negatively impact the environment of our island.
The States should be seen to actively involve themselves in the wildlife events we are so lucky to have access to, increasing our own education and awareness of the natural landscape and the work carried out to maintain it is of the greatest importance.


Question 2. As a States Member you will have the responsibility for protecting and ensuring the wise use of Alderney’s natural assets. You will also be asked to ensure that the island’s economy and its community as a whole is maintained, and viable. How will you achieve sustainable economic and community development1 to ensure Alderney’s future and what key goals would you set to achieve this?

I would propose that we encourage everyone to work closely with the AWT and increase awareness of the invaluable work that they do for Alderney. Every little helps, so perhaps we can encourage the improvement of community allotments, grow our own vegetables, and create farmers’ markets. This would naturally reduce overuse of unnecessary plastic packaging, and creating better awareness of recycling and environmental impact would be paramount. Encouraging a level of self sufficiency would make all residents more attuned to the natural world we live in.
We must protect our green belt, for when it is gone, it can never be replaced.
I am a huge supporter of renewable energy, as it is vital to the future – the methods that are currently employed can be devastating to the environment. I would actively pursue research into these areas, such as tidal power and solar power for example, however I must stress that any huge decisions must be assessed carefully so as not to be at the detriment of Alderney’s natural beauty and the wildlife we are so lucky to share our island with.