About the Trust

David Bellamy and Simon Lister of TWT launch the Alderney Wildlife Trust 2002David Bellamy and Simon Lister of TWT launch the Alderney Wildlife Trust 2002

The Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) was founded on island, and became a full member of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT), the umbrella organisation of the federation of British Wildlife Trusts, on May 13th 2002.

How it all came about

The decision to undertake such a significant step was made by a group of Alderney residents, in conjunction with the States of Alderney (SoA) and the Alderney Society (AS) the island’s heritage organisation.

Significantly, unlike any other jurisdiction in the British Isles, Alderney at the time lacked any civil service infrastructure directly responsible for maintenance and management of the natural environment. Even to this day the SoA retains an amenity services remit aimed mostly at the management of recreational and agricultural resources. The island has just one wildlife protection act, an adapted 1947 Wild Bird Protection Ordinance, and has failed to become a signatory to most environmental conventions, and is one of only two jurisdictions within the geographical region of Europe not to have signed the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD).

The AWT was therefore conceived by both the community, and its government, to fulfill many roles. As a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), the Trust fills a major gap within the island’s infrastructure by providing a range of services normally within the purview of government; including responding to environmental aspects of planning issues, supporting the SoA on environmental impact assessment, encouraging tourism and developing environmental educational resources. All this has been done with the primary purpose of understanding and conserving the island’s natural biodiversity.

Within just a few years of its founding the AWT had not only grown within its community but had developed the largest per capita membership of any of the 46 Wildlife Trusts. This is especially important as whilst the AWT is first and foremost an Alderney Charity (Reg. CH261), its core objectives are linked to the RSWT National Strategy and the AWT’s operational infrastructure is broken into key ‘Projects’ through which it meets its objectives and finds the ‘Resources’ necessary to undertake them.

Today the AWT's key duties include the Alderney Record Centre (ARC), the maintenance of many public sites and footpaths, its educational programme and the development of nature tourism.

Copies of the AWT Ltd Constitution can be found at the bottom of this page.

Working within a Crown Dependency

As a Crown Dependency Alderney lies outside the UK and European legislative framework for the protection of the natural environment.  The island's government, the States of Alderney, lacks the resources to devlop nature conservation as part of its staff training and development. Therefore the AWT has a somewhat unique role, maintaining an active partnership with the local government and other Channel Island, UK and European conservation councils and research groups, to ensure the conservation of Alderney's wildlife.

British Crown Dependancies

How we Work

The AWT is a largely voluntary organisation with most of its full and part-time staffing undertaken by either resident or placement volunteers.  

Its work ranges across a broad spectrum of 'public' roles in which the AWT operates alongside, or on occasion on behalf of, the States of Alderney (i.e. Ramsar site management), and 'AWT' specific tasks.  

The AWT is therefore completely dependent on the support it receives from its 40 or more volunteers and its members.

How we are financed

The AWT is dependant on the generosity of its members, the island community and through its working relationship with government; all this enables it to meet the task or raising sufficent funds to fulfill its aims and objectives.

The management of the accounts dependant on the hard work of the organisations voluntary board, Treasurer and Secretary.  The accounts are  approved at the AWT' AGM each summer. 

The ratified summary accounts from the previous year are published below and if you want to learn more about how the organisation is funded please do get in touch.


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