About the Trust

David Bellamy and Simon Lister of TWT launch the Alderney Wildlife Trust 2002David Bellamy and Simon Lister of TWT launch the Alderney Wildlife Trust 2002

The Alderney Wildlife Trust is the only Wildlife Trust in the Channel Islands and one of only 2 Wildlife Trusts in the Crown Dependencies.



The Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) came into existence as the newest member of The Wildlife Trusts in May 2002 and only the second member not to be situated within the UK.  The AWT was created in direct response to a growing number of threats to Alderney's natural environment and, as the island's government had no formal responsibility for the protection of the natural environment, it became the first line of response for a huge range of environmental issues.

Amongst its many other duties, the AWT is responsible for the creation of the Alderney Record Centre (ARC), for the maintenance of many public sites and footpaths, for running a broad educational programme and for the development of nature tourism within island communities.


British Crown Dependancies


Working within a Crown Dependency

As a Crown Dependency Alderney lies outside the UK and European legislative framework for the protection of the natural environment.  The island's government, the States of Alderney, lacks the resources to devlop nature conservation as part of its staff training and development. Therefore the AWT has a somewhat unique role, maintaining an active partnership with the local government and other Channel Island, UK and European conservation councils and research groups, to ensure the conservation of Alderney's wildlife.

How we Work

The AWT is a largely voluntary organisation with most of its full and part-time staffing undertaken by either resident or placement volunteers.  

Its work ranges across a broad spectrum of 'public' roles in which the AWT operates alongside, or on occasion on behalf of, the States of Alderney (i.e. Ramsar site management), and 'AWT' specific tasks.  

The AWT is therefore completely dependent on the support it receives from its 40 or more volunteers and its members.



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