Wilder Islands Conference and IIEM2019, 26th-28th September

Delegates from across the UK Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories will be coming to Alderney for the IIEM and Wilder Islands conference

What role do islands have to play in a world where ecosystem collapse is seen as increasingly inevitable? Often Islands lack the economic or political resources to have a voice on the global environmental stage, yet islands might well act as biodiversity lifeboats, as refuges for the unique endemic species they host and as shelters for habitats and species under increasing pressure elsewhere. Islands face many of the same pressures on their limited land and wider marine environments as larger countries - over-population, development, economic insecurity and resource scarcity - but often lack the resources to protect them properly.

The Wilder Islands Conference combines the annual Inter Island Environment Meeting with an additional day of talks and discussions, the aim being to enable representatives from not only the Channel Islands, but also from across the British Isles and its Overseas Territories and the wider scientific community, to discuss the role of islands as biodiversity hotspots. These parties will focus on what steps these communities might take for a Wilder Future for their islands, against a global backdrop of ecosystem collapse and climate breakdown.


To bring scientists, conservationists and the public together to start enabling dialogue and decision making.
To grow knowledge of shared issues and opportunities.
Specific outcomes:
1. For governments, to establish the Blue Islands Charter committing to common goals on the protection of the environment, reduction of plastics waste and environmental impact consideration
2. To look to establish a common biodiversity fund between partner islands to support local biodiversity and climate change projects, these must engage with their community and provide case studies for other islands
3. To establish a statement of unity and a request for joint working between OTs/CDs and the British Government in the response to biodiversity loss and climate change

View the programme below.  There are a limited number of places available for the main Wilder Islands Conference on Saturday 28th, please contact us at admin@alderneywildlife.org or call 01481 822935.

The conference will be live streamed on YouTube and Presentations made available to watch later.


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