Bithynian Vetch

Bithynian Vetch - Brian BonnardBithynian Vetch - Brian Bonnard

Latin name: Vicia bithnica

Bithynian Vetch is an attractive two-tone vetch with purple standard white wings and keel and distinctive toothed stipules (leaf-like structures at the bottom of the leaf stalk or petiole).

It is found mostly in the south of Britain where grows in coastal areas with dry, sandy soil, usually in the shelter of other vegetation which it clambers up to form a dense tangled bush.  The best time to see it in flower on Alderney is mid-May to the end of June growing in the vegetation above Crabby Bay.

Status in Alderney:  Rare

Status in UK: Nationally Scarce

Status Worldwide (IUCN Red List): Vulnerable