Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly - Lindsay PyneLarge Tortoiseshell Butterfly - Lindsay Pyne

Latin name: Nymphalis polychloros

This is a large butterfly with a duller colouration than the Small Tortoiseshell and it does not have a white spot on its fore-wing. The Large Tortoiseshell is generally found near woodland, especially those containing sallows; the primary larval foodplant is elm. Long believed extinct in Britain it seems to be making a resurgence in the Channel Islands. In Alderney there are generally around 6 sightings each year (the record was in 2007 when more than 30 were recorded) from different parts of the island including near the bird hide at Mannez and in the Peace Garden, and it has also been seen trying to hibernate in bunkers. It is more numerous in Sark and was recorded in Guernsey (on Lihou) in 2013.

UK BAP Status: Not applicable

Butterfly Conservation priority: Not applicable

European status: Regionally Extinct

Status in Alderney: Rare